Monday, March 12, 2007

4: The Ghost of Billy Hero

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Rolling right along. Expect page five in a hot minute. Give or take a few days.

This one was the stumbling block, the page I wasn't looking forward to doing. There's no real 'gag' to this one. I wanted to focus on introducing the new character, and lost sight of any kind of joke.

Despite being a comedy, Fishheadman is, first and foremost, an adventure story, and there will be times where humor is sacrificed in the name of that vengeful and almighty deity, Plot.

I swear to god, last night I was thinking how I could wait another day before putting out another page. Then I immediately saw that thought for the threat it was; I know first hand how that kind of laziness leads to the death of a project, if it doesn't neutralize the inchoate seed of the idea instantaneously, like some kind of radioactive mental abortion, or a turtle birth on Seagull Island.

So I did it even though I didn't want to. It was pulling teeth for the first bit of it, but I get into a flow, where I lose track of time and just enjoy tooling around with my drawings in photoshop.

Now I've watched the sun rise from the wrong side of the the bed. Sleep eludes me, but Fishheadman and the Ghost of Billy Hero do not.

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