Thursday, March 15, 2007


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Here's a picture of my workspace for anyone interested.

I'm listening to Robert Reich at the Commonwealth Club of California right now. How he lost to Mitt Romney is a fucking mystery to me. You western mass bucktoothed pony fucking farmers should be ashamed of yourselves.

What I like about this page is that, along with a tasteful gag about zombie fuckin', is that I sneaked in the date. The back cover features an advertisement for American Lifts, which are the best damn lifts on the planet. I have had every lift I've need covered by these guys. That's a lot of lifting!

The only thing that could be better about the ad is if the motto was "We produce products that produce productivity."

I've been watching a great TV show called "Invasion" that some how slipped under the radar of the Lost/Heroes/Surface set. The shows pace is artfully executed, the characters are equally believable and interesting, with back stories that are revealed without the ham handed flashbacks of Lost. If you want a really good show that tells a story, I suggest you check it out.

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