Tuesday, March 20, 2007

6: In Which Our Hero Discovers the Lot of an Artist

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This one took a lot longer than it had any right to, due to extenuating circumstances. It seems like I scanned the page ages ago.

The story is starting to pick up. I've introduced the main characters, and soon we'll be exploring the setting. Fishheadman takes place in a world similar, yet different from our own. Different in the same way the Japanese Spiderman TV show was from the tales we're familiar with. Though I can 87% guarantee Fishheadman will not involve giant robots. The possibility exists, but I'm opposed to giant robots on general principle. There is a line where the size of an automated humanoid simply becomes redundant.

I get a lot of my ideas from current events. I am a news junkie, to which the staggering number of podcasts on my aggregator can attest. I swear, I don't even listen to music on my iPod anymore, except for the occasional Brian Eno when I can't seem to fall asleep.

Yesterday was my favorite girl Elizabeth's birthday. I hope Fishheadman becomes profitable at some point so I can buy her nice things instead of photoshopping pictures of my scantily clad form bursting out of a birthday cake and printing said images on photopaper.

I have some ideas for promotional materials that I will be producing eventually so I can pimp the comic at conventions and eventually sell said merchandise.

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