Friday, March 30, 2007

8: Welcome to the Vomitorium

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This one took a lot less time to finish, which was a nice change of pace from page 7. I've changed my method yet again, implementing the light box in a battle of the pencil against the ink.

My friend Eric, proprietor of Minimalist Stick Figure Theater, holds movie nights on occasion, and last night was definitely the best so far. We watched The Shadow, which was pure comedy gold, and Adam brought a crazy spaghetti zombie film that featured a miniature 30 year old playing an 8 year old. I busted a nut laughing the first time I saw him, and things just got worse from there.

The best line of the night goes to Kyle when, during the Shadow, we viewed a message flying through a complicated network of pneumatic tubes and Kyle said "It's the internet!"

Second place goes to whoever said "Meanwhile, on the set of Brazil" immediately afterwards. I'm pretty sure that was Dan.

I sometimes fantasize about what I will say on my next Fishheadman post, but when it comes time to write, I just want to get the damn comic up.

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