Friday, June 15, 2007

17: Dare to Dream

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I've always loved eavesdropping on the frayed sentences that are uttered from the mouths of dreamers. These precious lines of dialog seem to wrap around the brain, folding itself into an incoherence that cannot possibly be remembered by either the speaker or those lucky enough to hear.

Naturally the only thing you can do when such a situation arises is to attempt to engage in a conversation with the speaker. One may hope to learn of some universal truth that will expand their mind, or perhaps pinpoint the exact location of slumbering Cthulhu's lair. But no. If you're lucky, you might be entertained for a few fleeting moments. But usually the person wakes up and immediately lambastes you for being creepy.

I recently saw the film Wild Zero with some friends. It is quite simply amazing. Every scene is hand crafted to be as campy as possible, hamming it up to such an extent that I'm pretty sure Bruce Campbell has had a permanent erection since the year 2000, when the film was first released in Japan.

In commemoration of the obvious inspiration for the film, I created a motivational poster, which immediately found it's way on Fishheadman's wall because, after all, he is a drug dealer. With a functionless mask depicting a fish permanently affixed to his head. And the ghost of a failed musician for a side kick...
I'm starting to realize how ridiculous that sounds...

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