Monday, August 27, 2007


I'll be square with you. I have a job now, so FHM may be later than usual from time to time. I need time to adapt, and schedule ample time to unwind by playing Bioshock, because we must always prioritize.

The interesting thing about working what is considered full time in first-world countries other than this one is I have a lot more time for contemplation upon the FHM universe, and a lot less time for execution. Having a job that requires so much monotony that my body literally takes over means that I have ample room for my mind to wander. In the past week I wrote the first seven pages for a new D20 Modern campaign setting, thumbnailed the most totally epic page of Fishheadman, made some excellent, spoilerific concept art for later in the story, and wrote the script for two pages.

This coming page is going to be slick as hell. The script has undergone some rewrites and I had ample time to work around the layout and dialog in my head and on paper. I even have a lot more of FHM's backstory laid out.

As soon as I figure out a way to draw at work (which believe me, is gonna happen) we'll be seeing a leap in FHM activity. One advantage I have is that I'm left handed for drawing and right handed for everything else. So I can dial, manipulate the UI, and talk, all while drawing.

In place of the usual comic, here's a picture of my desktop:
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The wallpaper is a photo of Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain just chillaxin'. Sir Tesla is wearing a party hat because it's that kind of party.

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